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a second chance Russia x reader part 2
Ivan smiled to himself and he put on his scarf, he was meeting (name) again today. it had been a week since the meeting and the two of them had become very close. he had learned that (name) had been around for a while but she'd always been very poor and sick so not many people knew she was there, he also learned that Alfred had found out about her and publicized her so people would know about her and when he made her part of his country  he would be more of a hero and have a foothold close to Russia. she had known this the day of the meeting and had tried to avoid him so it wouldn't happen but- Ivan shook his head "none of that right now." he told himself, "I'm not going to be gloomy today." he checked his scarf in the mirror and smiled "today I'll ask her." he said confidently. he had been giving her resources and aid but he had wanted her to join him, to live with him, to be with him forever... he wanted to protect her and make sure he didn't loose such a close friend again. he
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Niente e vero. Tutto e permesso chapter 10
"Ezio..." Germany said softly, he'd read about him a long time ago when he was young. Ezio Auditore da Firenze:  the Mentor of the Italian Brotherhood of Assassins, a title which he held from 1503 to 1512. he witnessed the hanging of his father and two brothers and, after learning his heritage and becoming an assassin, he managed to free several cities from the Family Borgia. "Feliciano knew him?" Germany asked incredulously. Romano nodded "Ezio trained him." Romano smiled at the look on Germany and Japans faces "our Grandfather Rome had us trained by one of the elders for years but Feliciano couldn't seem to progress so Grandfather sent him to Roma to study under Ezio. he used to write me every now and then about how he was doing  but it was years before the next time I saw Feliciano at the battle of liberation in Roma." when they got to the gates of the mansion some young boys came forward to take their horses the boys bowed to Romano then, after a moments hesitation, bowed to German
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a second chance Russia x reader
Ivan looked around slowly it was deep winter here, snow was falling gently an a thick blanket was already covering the ground "where is she?" Ivan looked around again. "she should be here by now... we agreed to meet here..." he looked down at the small gift in his hands, he had worked so hard to make it for her he hoped she would like it then came a noise that chilled Ivan much more then the snow ever could. a scream split the air, loud and pleading for help. it was her! Ivan dropped the present and ran as fast as he could "no! not her! please not her!" Ivan's lungs screamed as he burst into a clearing, there the snow was stained dark red around the small figure of his dearest friend... standing over her was the young Mongolia glaring at him, then without a word, he turned and left the clearing. Ivan ran forward "(name)!" he called falling to his knees next to her. her (e/c) eyes fluttered open and Ivan's heart sank, her eyes were misty and looked for him but couldn't see him anymore.
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Niente e vero. Tutto e permesso chapter 9
The next morning Germany was shaken awake by Romano "get ready… but be quiet about it ok?" Germany nodded, glancing around. Italy was still asleep and Germany could tell by his pail face he wasn't doing very well. Romano noticed Germanys look as he shook Japan awake "yeah…" he said softly "riding wont be easy for him… but we need to get back to the stronghold… there's a lot of preparing to do. Come" Romano lead Germany and Japan out of the room, leaving Italy to sleep longer, and lead them out behind the barn. "alright." Romano said turning to them "I need to know what weapons you're the best with. We may have to fight on the way there and Italy wont be able to help if that happens" Japan nodded slightly "I am well adapt with any bladed weapons. Though I am best with a katana or long knifes" he said softly Romano nodded "will the sword you have work for now?" Japan nodded and Romano looked at Germany "what weapons can you use?" Germany looked at the ground, he didn't know what to say…
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Niente e vero. Tutto e permesso chapter 8
"Come on Holy Rome!" The
girl …Italy… called "It's not too high." Germany looked down and gulped. He was
standing on a ledge of one of the out buildings at Austria's house looking down
at a large pile of hay "A-are you sure about this Italy?" Italy smiled softly "Should
I show you again?" Germany nodded and Italy climbed up the wall to join him.
Germany had to admire her climbing skills, as she found every foot hold and
made it up in no time. "Step back," she said and he instantly obeyed "you stand
like this," she said demonstrating as she talked "then you run up and jump!"
Germany watched closely memorizing every movement, blushing slightly when he
saw her panties. After she had landed and climbed out, she called "Don't forget
to flip and land on your back!" Germany gulped again "What have I got to lose?"
he muttered so he ran forward and jumped. The air rushing past his face was exhilarating,
and he flipped and landed in the hay. "You did it!" Italy cheered hugging him
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Niente e vero. Tutto e permesso chapter 7
"it's done." Romano said softly setting the last arrow down with the others "I doubt he'll wake for a day or so…" Germany nodded "at least he's alright…" they were interrupted in their thoughts by the voice of the little girl coming from just outside the barn "go away! We don't have any animals left for you to steel!" another gruffer voice answered her "we can see the tracks kid. There are horses in there now move aside." "no! those aren't ours you can't-" "we can and we will!" then came the sound of a slap and a thud as the girl cried out in pain. Romano stood and stretched "and I was just thinking I needed a little exercise." and with a smirk he left the room. Germany glanced at Italy and followed to stand just outside the door he watched as Romano climbed into the loft above to wait. As the barn door opened a small band of solders walked in "now those are some fine horses" one of them said with a whistle "yeah" another said smirking "and they're ours now." but before the m
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Niente e vero. Tutto e permesso chapter 6
Germany didn't know what to think as the woman led him toward the outbuildings "is he dead? Its this a trap? How did she know my name?" the woman led him to the barn and into a small room laying on a small cot in the corner was Italy "Feli!" Germany cried rushing over to him "he's alive" the woman said softly "I didn't try to remove the arrows I have no skill in that type of injury. I bandaged them as best I could but he will need medical help." she glanced at Germany for a moment "your… not one of them are you." it seemed to be a statement rather then a question. "no… I'm not" Germany said softly "I don't know who they are…" the woman sighed "are you in contact with any of them?" "I-I'm not sure…" Germany said "I think so but I'm not sure… they just saved me and my friend from being executed yesterday…" Germany was surprised at himself "why was he telling her all this? She had helped Italy… but did he really know who she was or what
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gilbird by bloodprincesskagome gilbird :iconbloodprincesskagome:bloodprincesskagome 3 12
Niente e vero. Tutto e permesso chapter 5
Italy shook himself he knew he would pass out soon, the pain was getting worse the further he rode he had three arrows in his left shoulder and he wasn't sure how many in his back  "the others are safe… they made it…" then he heard something. it was singing, a little girl was singing and italy knew the song well
"coltelli nella notte hanno riflesso nelle stelle
si battono per la verità in inganno
il passare del tempo passato il credo sopravviverà
il male che strangola il bene"
Turning his horse to follow the voice Italy urged his horse on but then his vision began to blur. forcing himself to stay contuse a little longer he rode on then he came into a clearing with a small house and a barn the little girl was sitting on the grass playing with her doll but when she saw him she stood eyes wide. then the world spun as Italy fell from the saddle landing on his side in the grass the girl ran for the house "mommy mommy! There's a man out here! He's hur
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Mature content
Niente e vero. Tutto e permesso chapter 4 :iconbloodprincesskagome:bloodprincesskagome 0 0
Mature content
Niente e vero. Tutto e permesso chapter 3 :iconbloodprincesskagome:bloodprincesskagome 0 0
Jigen fans rejoice motivational by bloodprincesskagome Jigen fans rejoice motivational :iconbloodprincesskagome:bloodprincesskagome 1 0
Mature content
Niente e vero. Tutto e permesso chapter 2 :iconbloodprincesskagome:bloodprincesskagome 1 0
Sailor Lugia by bloodprincesskagome Sailor Lugia :iconbloodprincesskagome:bloodprincesskagome 0 0 Sailor Zapdos by bloodprincesskagome Sailor Zapdos :iconbloodprincesskagome:bloodprincesskagome 0 0 Sailor Articuno by bloodprincesskagome Sailor Articuno :iconbloodprincesskagome:bloodprincesskagome 1 0
la vita è breve. mangia più pasta!


Mature content
Tudor!England x Lady!Reader LEMON :icontwirltheflag:twirltheflag 621 140
'So 2 Years Ago' by ValeriaG by Teebusters 'So 2 Years Ago' by ValeriaG :iconteebusters:Teebusters 51 5 fluffy BBC by Kimbolt-Prime fluffy BBC :iconkimbolt-prime:Kimbolt-Prime 142 14 Other Side of the Door by Arkham-Insanity Other Side of the Door :iconarkham-insanity:Arkham-Insanity 515 48 Snuggle by almond-goddess Snuggle :iconalmond-goddess:almond-goddess 285 39 Sherlock Holmes Chibis by Angels-Leaf Sherlock Holmes Chibis :iconangels-leaf:Angels-Leaf 513 61
Sherlock, I'm Waiting
Title: Sherlock, I'm Waiting
Author: D.R. Ward
Age: 14
Date: 12-18-13
Sherlock, I'm Waiting
The rain,
It's pelting down on me.
I don't mind.
I see my reflection,
On the cold black marble,
That represents you.
I can feel the coldness,
The emptiness,
Eating away inside of me.
Sherlock, when will you come home?
The tears are drowned by the wetness,
The sky that's crying along with me.
It weeps and it screams and it pierces,
The thunder and lightening my cracked soul,
And I let it cry along with me.
Withheld by my own two legs once,
They collapse on the grass below me,
From which used to be dirt.
A reminder that it was so long ago,
That I was left alone.
Sherlock, are you left alone?
Wherever you are, wherever you go,
Do you remember me,
Or think about me,
Like I think about you?
Do you dream that you were back home,
In 221B Baker Street, experiments and all,
Strewn all over the house in the oddest places,
Or maybe sitting on the couch,
:iconageofdarkness413:AgeOfDarkness413 8 11
[CM] sherlock by Drawn-Mario [CM] sherlock :icondrawn-mario:Drawn-Mario 152 17 His smile by Aine0686 His smile :iconaine0686:Aine0686 41 10 APH: Hunt by xiaoyugaara APH: Hunt :iconxiaoyugaara:xiaoyugaara 1,178 184
The Deduction of Love (Johnlock)
“John. Come here, please.”
John flicked his eyes at the detective, already frowning from his favorite arm chair.
“What is it, Sherlock? And I’m not making you any more tea.”
The younger man sighed, lowering the bow to his violin once more and coaxing out a few melancholy notes. The early morning sun light was streaming in through the dirty windows, giving John a nice view of his pajama-clad and sleep-ruffled boyfriend.
After a moment he sighed, rolling his eyes, as he brought his tea cup to his lips and turned his attention back to the television. Sherlock quietly placed his violin on the window sill and stepped nonchalantly in front of the ex-soldier.
John huffed, bending around Sherlock to place his tea cup pointedly on the table before turning his eyes back to the detective’s. Those bloody brilliant ice blue-green eyes were no doubt deducing John’s every movement already.
“What do you want, Sherlock?”
“John, I want to perfo
:iconxz0mbiiex:xZ0MBiiEx 87 23
Sundays in 221B
Sherlock breathed in stirring from his mind palace, the sun had broken through the clouds and warmed his skin. He glanced down and realized there was an equally warm weight next to his arm. John snoozed pleasantly next to him, his shirt was untucked and had ridden up a bit to expose his stomach. While the war had not been kind to John in every sense it had kept the blonde fit. He knew his flatmate carried some insecurities everyone did, but nonetheless Sherlock knew he would be dead several times over without the blonde. A blanket had been placed around his shoulders and John lay partially on it, one arm lay across his abdomen the other left at an awkward angle dangling in the air. Realization hit Sherlock after staring at John for a few moments, the soldier was not having a nightmare. No, indeed he seemed quite content laying there on the couch next to his detective. Glancing at the wall Sherlock calculated it was half past three on Sunday, and then he began to wonder; if John was so
:iconcivil-war-casualty:Civil-War-Casualty 24 18
What could you possibly need him for?! by Airafleeza What could you possibly need him for?! :iconairafleeza:Airafleeza 91 18 APH-Spain and Romano by firmamentosora APH-Spain and Romano :iconfirmamentosora:firmamentosora 139 17 Let's play nice together by BeyondBlackMountains Let's play nice together :iconbeyondblackmountains:BeyondBlackMountains 164 62 Together, Sherlock. by ALRtist Together, Sherlock. :iconalrtist:ALRtist 4 6



hello all,
I'm sorry I haven't updated in so long, I've been having a bit of a hectic time of it lately... I've been busy with a lot of things (plus I've joined several new fandoms and now have six or seven fan fics in the works and none of them getting done...) I'll do my best to update soon but it may be a while... thanks for sticking with me on this :)
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